How To Set Up Your Account

Another to enjoy everything that Willem Express has to offer we encourage you to set up and account with us, here how it works. 

You go to My Account 

On the My Account Page click under Register, enter your email and your new password then click register 

It will send you to your account dashboard 

Once there click on Account details to enter your personal information such as: first and last name, address. Use the same process to update or make any changes on your account. 

You will see your email address if you want to change your password just enter your current password, the new one, confirm it and click on save changes.  

Leave blank if you don’t want to change your password 

To check your order status, click on orders 

To download any intellectual products, click on downloads 

To enter or change your address click on Addresses 

Click on the Add button to Add a new billing or shipping address 

Lost Of Password

If you forget your password, click on lost password. We will send a reset password link to the email that you have provided to us. From there just follow the instructions to set up your new password. If you have any questions please use the contact us page to email us.

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