How To Set Up Your Account

Another to enjoy everything that Willem Express has to offer we encourage you to set up and account with us, here how it works. 

You go to My Account 

On the My Account Page click under Register, enter your email and your new password then click register 

It will send you to your account dashboard 

Once there click on Account details to enter your personal information such as: first and last name, address. Use the same process to update or make any changes on your account. 

You will see your email address if you want to change your password just enter your current password, the new one, confirm it and click on save changes.  

Leave blank if you don’t want to change your password 

To check your order status, click on orders 

To download any intellectual products, click on downloads 

To enter or change your address click on Addresses 

Click on the Add button to Add a new billing or shipping address 

Lost Of Password

If you forget your password, click on lost password. We will send a reset password link to the email that you have provided to us. From there just follow the instructions to set up your new password. If you have any questions please use the contact us page to email us.

Dany Express Money Back Guarantee

At, we want our customers to shop with confidence, that’s why we are proud to offer them this Money Back Guarantee protection program on any item purchased on our site. If the item doesn’t fit you, doesn’t work properly, has any damage, defective, or any manufacture malfunctions. Please email us and we will guide you through the returning process within 7 days after you have received the products.  Go to the contact us page to enter your name, email address, and a brief description and we will guide you through the return process.

Note: The returning item needs to be unworn, unwashed, free of stains, makeup, deodorant and fragrances. 

Items that cannot be return:  Bodysuits, swimwear and undergarments. 

After receiving the item on our facility, the return is processed with 3 to 5 business days. 

You will get a refund on the account that you have used to make the purchase on our site within 7 days after processing your request. 

Need additional information click here.  

Go back to the shop page here. 

Support Center

We want all our customers to have a great experience using our platform, if you have any questions or concerns please email us at the contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  

We have a dedicated team working to make sure that every request is being taking care of so that you have a smooth an enjoyable shopping experience with DanNY Express. You are the reason why we are in business and we will treat you as such at all the times. Feel free to contact our support team at any time by filling out the contact us form at the contact us page, and one of our team members will be more than happy to assist you.  

Whether is for processing payment, shipping, product delivery we are here to help please let us know how you want us to assist you. 

Shipping And Return Policy

Once your order is completed you will receive an email confirmation from DanNY Express about your purchase. Once your item is shipped you will get another email from us with tracking information. 

For your convenience, we set a couple of delivery options that you can choose from. We are proud to offer free Shipping for every 100 dollars spent on our store for customers in the US. You will inform when this option is available on any other specific country as more store is being open.

For our US base customer, we will get your package to you through USPS, and we also use FEDEX, UPS and CANADA POST as other delivery option. After selecting the products that you want to purchase and you go to the cart page, you will find all the shipping options depending on where you want your item to be shipped to. 

Please do not use Po Box but instead use your home address to get any item purchased on DanNY Express. For accuracy we have an estimated delivery date on our cart and check out page, if you don’t receive your item by the delivery date please go to the contact us page and fill out the details information and send it to us. We aim to get you the best products and great customer service at all time however there will always circumstances out of our control. Please let us know for any packages issue you may have; our team is there for you. 

Another to get a smooth delivery we recommend that you be as accurate as possible when you are entering your shipping address on our site. DanNY Express are not responsible for any inaccuracy of address or any delay on the delivery date due to address error.  

Once you have received any item purchased on DanNY Express, if for any reason such as the item doesn’t fit you, is damaged, defective or has any manufacture dysfunctions, please go to the contact us page and fill out all the details to start the return process within 7 days of the delivery date. You will get an email from us explaining how to proceed with the return and this process will take 3 to 5 business days. 

Please note: 

The returning item needs to be unworn, unwashed. 

It must be free of stains, makeup, deodorant and fragrances. 

Those particulars items are not eligible for return: Bodysuits, Swimwear and undergarments. 

We will email you all details about the returning process and once you send the item back to our facility and the item is received by our team member, they will send an email confirmation to you and inspecting the returned package. 

After product inspection has been completed you will get a refund within 5 to 7 business days.  

Do Not Sell My Personal Information

  • Notice of California Privacy Rights
    Pursuant to California Civil Code Section 1798.83, California residents who use our Site may request certain information regarding any disclosure of personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. To make this request, please email us at or use the contact information provided below at the end of this policy. Should you choose to email us, please include in the subject line or body of your email the phrase “California Customer Choice Privacy Notice” and specify the personal information you do not wish to be shared with third parties for their direct marketing purposes. Please allow up to thirty (30) days for a response.